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We are committed to making great solutions through innovation

Let’s Pioneer Together: LEO Pharma has a strong ambition to grow – also inorganically – in the dermatology space.

As a potential partner, we wish to highlight three important factors:

LEO Pharma has a global dermatology reach, operating its own affiliates in essentially all regions of the world, including the Americas, Europe, Russia, the Middle East & Africa, Australia, China, Korea, Japan and many more markets.


LEO Pharma is foundation owned. The company cannot be acquired or merged with another company. The company has existed and developed itself and its competences for over a century. LEO Pharma is a stable partner, here today and here tomorrow.


LEO Pharma generally pays for acquisitions in cash, independent of bank loans.


At LEO Pharma, Business Development activities are generally divided into two functions (Early and Late Stage respectively) with separate teams but under the umbrella of the Global Business Development function.


Contact Business Development

Please contact us at if you have ideas or opportunities you wish to discuss. 

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