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We are committed to making great solutions through innovation

We believe that being truly innovative requires global ambitions, significant investments and a diverse approach where multiple initiatives go hand in hand.

Collaboration and co-creation are the glue that binds our ecosystem together, advancing science and technology to fuel the development of new treatment solutions.

LEO Pharma R&D

LEO Pharma’s R&D organisation is located at the company headquarters in Ballerup, Denmark, and consists of more than 900 scientists and specialists. Through internal innovation and external partnerships, the R&D organisation pioneers advances in dermatology care. Research and development projects are increasingly based on the efforts of multi-disciplinary project teams integrating advanced knowledge in R&D disciplines with expertise in clinical practice and therapeutic needs. Insight-driven innovation drives all product development.


LEO Pharma’s commitment to research and development is strengthened by extensive collaborations between the R&D organisation and more than 400 academic and institutional research centres and industry partners worldwide, making the world our lab. By collaborating with scientific experts globally, LEO Pharma aims to enhance its knowledge of skin diseases and explore new potential treatments.

MAT-53997 February 2022