LEO Pharma Inc. Social Media Community Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in LEO Pharma Inc. We are at the forefront of the medical dermatology field. LEO Pharma is committed to elevating the voices of people affected by skin conditions, as well as improving diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.

We look forward to hearing from you via @mentions, comments and replies. This page outlines our guidelines for engagement on Twitter and LinkedIn. Please review these guidelines before interacting with @LEOPharmaUS: 

Our Twitter account shares some of the work that the U.S. Public Affairs team does on a regular basis to support LEO Pharma’s mission  to help people achieve healthy skin in the United States. LEO Pharma Inc. works tirelessly to ensure the voices of our patients, employees and company are heard among policymakers across the country.

Our LinkedIn account helps share what it is like to work at LEO Pharma Inc. as well as company news, events in the community and open positions.

Please note our social media community guidelines for engagement:

  • @LEOPharmaUS is an advocacy-focused Twitter account owned by LEO Pharma Inc., the U.S. affiliate of LEO Pharma A/S. This platform is managed by Manan Shah, Director of U.S. Public Affairs at LEO Pharma Inc. The company’s LinkedIn account is owned by the LEO Pharma Inc. communications team.
  • @LEOPharmaUS will not discuss any products or product brands, nor will our LinkedIn account name any products or brands. Neither social media account will discuss treatment options or offer medical advice, although we may share disease-state awareness information. Please contact a healthcare professional for inquiries relating to disease-specific treatments. 
  • Our social media accounts won’t reply to every tweet, comment or mention, but our replies will always be in a timely manner.
  • @LEOPharmaUS is intended for audiences in the United States only. If you are outside the scope of the United States, please visit one of our affiliates’ Twitter accounts.
  • Our social media channels will share external links, however LEO Pharma Inc. does not own, sponsor, or endorse the external links. The views of the authors should not be interpreted as those of LEO Pharma.
  • We reserve the right to remove any content posted or submitted by users that contains information that may be inconsistent with legislation, industry ethics and regulations, LEO Pharma policy, and the company’s values, including but not limited to:
    • Use of profane or vulgar language
    • Insulting or offensive comments, such as displays of racism, calls to violence, hate propaganda, etc.
    • Copyright infringement, or any violations of the rights of external parties
    • Automatically-generated content, i.e. spam
    • Wrong/false statements
    • Product mentions, or mentions of side-effects associated with products
    • Mentions of medical or treatment advice

LEO Pharma Inc. social media channels should not be used to report adverse events or product complaints. To report an adverse event or product complaint, please call 1-877-494-4536 (opt 1) or email (usdrugsafety@leo-pharma.com) or visit www.FDA.gov/Safety/Medwatch.

If your tweet includes a possible adverse event associated with a LEO Pharma product, we may be required to contact you for more information. 

For questions, please contact Manan Shah, Director, Public and Government Affairs, LEO Pharma Inc., at MNSUS@leo-pharma.com or Rhonda Sciarra, Associate Director, Global External Communications, at RASUS@leo-pharma.com

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