Innovation Ecosystem

Our Innovation Ecosystem

LEO Pharma branches into LEO Innovation Lab, Open Innovation and, LEO Science & Tech Hub.

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LEO Innovation Labbuilding steps next to 'LEO Innovation Lab'

LEO Innovation Lab is the digital healthtech hub, established by LEO Pharma to improve the lives of people living with a chronic skin condition. 



LEO Pharma Open Innovation Four diverse employees graphically rendered next to 'LEO Pharma Open Innovation'

LEO Pharma Open Innovation is a collaborative space created to explore partnerships and the latest research using some of LEO Pharma’s unique scientific resources. It allows access to disease-relevant assays, and insights into LEO Pharma’s scientific interest, in order to test external compounds for disease-modifying effects, without the obligation to disclose confidential information or give up intellectual property. 



LEO Science & Tech HubLEO Science & Tech Hub spelled in block letters

The LEO Science & Tech Hub is a R&D innovation unit of LEO Pharma. We explore cutting-edge science and technology opportunities with relevance to dermatology. By partnering with public and private institutions in the world’s leading life science cluster in Boston, we act as a catalyst to transform early-stage innovations and technologies into solutions that will improve the quality of life for people with skin diseases. LEO Science & Tech Hub was officially inaugurated in September 2016. 

For more information, visit the Innovation Ecosystem page on the LEO Pharma global website.