Terms such as independent, financially sound, serious, knowledge-based, community, strong values and proud are key descriptors of our workplace, according to our employees. And no matter how fast we are growing, we wish to hold on to these qualifications.

At the heart of our company’s success and growth is the passion of our LEO People who are determined to make a real difference to the quality of people’s lives. We are a company united by strong values – passion, competitiveness, innovation, adaptability and integrity – that are embedded in our everyday working lives.

At LEO Pharma, you will experience a culture unlike any other in the pharmaceutical industry.  LEO Pharma is owned by the LEO Foundation and is totally independent of outside capital, which enables us to act fast and seize opportunities.  Built on a strong heritage of innovation and success, we are a team committed to growth in dermatology and critical care – and with the financial strength to make it happen.